We focus on a perfect match between assignment and coach

As a start-up, we have a innovative and fresh look at the market with its specific needs. We are constantly looking for new challenges. To successfully complete these challenges, we also use our network in addition to our fresh perspective. A network that comes from years of experience within the field.

The network of

The network of allows us to find the right coach for every assignment. In addition,'s collaboration with BlinkLane Consulting and Gladwell Academy provides access to a large network of specialized consultants and trainers.

Gladwell Academy

Maximum learning efficiency, that is what Gladwell Academy is all about. Gladwell Academy offers innovative practice-oriented training, education and master classes for business and government.

Blinklane Consulting

BlinkLane Consulting is an advisory firm that operates at the intersection of technology, strategy and organization. We focus on transforming organizations to make them more innovative and more responsive.