What we do and how we do it is an organization that supplies coaches in the roles of Agile Coach and Scrum Master, at different levels of seniority. This is how we help clients, on a project basis, to implement, develop or improve Agile working. We have coaches with a permanent position or who work on a freelance basis.

What the market needs now is specialized and committed teams. Suppliers with all-rounders are no longer in demand. Clients need small teams of professionals who know everything about a certain field of knowledge. In other words: niche knowledge. enters the Agile niche and enriches it by supplying excellent Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.


More and more organizations see the importance of Agile thinking as a way to increase quality and productivity. But implementing this new process can turn out to be a disappointment. The vision of is that Agile should be seen as a certain mindset. It is much more than just a new - instrumental - way of project management.

From our perspective, implementing an Agile method is not to be taken lightly. It is a deliberate process that requires the best coaches for the job. supplies these coaches. employs a large group of top coaches who have been recruited in a specific manner. These are either permanent staff or freelance professionals who work on a project basis. Our coaches meet our self-established DNA. This 'own' DNA has been constructed off the 'BIG 5' Assessment method.


This assessment guarantees the quality and personal development of our coaches. They possess the qualities of a true 'servant leader' and therefore know better than anyone what it is like to serve a team, taking the process to a higher level. coaches are the heart of the company. Development and growth are central to the constant process of lifting our coaches to a higher level. Realizing personal development opportunities is part of this constant growth. Our collaboration with Gladwell Academy lets our coaches receive or give training.

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