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Welcome to our series of podcasts with and for inspiring Agilists: 'Mastering Agility'. In his podcasts Sander Dur connects the bigger names in this field: all movers and shakers in the industry join host and rock & roll Scrum Master and Agile coach Sander Dur. For example Joe Justice, Patricia Kong and Jeff Gothelf. They tell you about their motivation, their vision, their mission. They give you tips & tricks and tell you how and why they do this the way they do it. Due to the enormous amount of blogs, it is sometimes difficult to dig for quality and you can no longer see who to follow and who to listen to. By listening to 'Mastering Agility' that is a thing of the past and you are completely up to date.

Host Sander Dur is a Scrum Master and Agile coach at He has gained his experience at high-level organizations such as Nike and ASML. He uses this experience to bridge theory to practical, equally applicable take-aways from experts in the field. In addition to 'Mastering Agility',  Sander is a passionate writer of articles on everything related to business agility. This passion has brought him into the editorial team of Serious Scrum. You can find his articles here.

Sander lets these leading experts in the field talk about the hot topics or passions they are working on. He spreads their knowledge through these podcasts to help those who can get started. And he wants to learn from them himself. That is why Sander is a Scrum Master; he likes nothing more than to help people and organisations develop by continuing to develop himself. 'Mastering Agility' gives this a new dimension.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows and guest speakers, ask your question or share your feedback. Feel free to leave your comments, Sander loves to hear from you!

Sander Dur

Sander Dur is aspirant PST trainer (, certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Professional Scrum Master (PSM III), certified Product Owner and Agile (team) coach at 

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