Our coaches’ personal growth is our focus

Being a fast-growing startup, we have the opportunity to do things our way. We value personal contact, both during the search for new Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters and in ongoing projects.


This personal contact with our coaches also leads to an understanding of their needs for personal development. What are their opportunities for growth? Are there any stumbling blocks and how can we clear these out of the way? By asking such questions, we gain a better understanding of our coaches. This understanding helps us to create a perfect match between assignment and coach.

Personal growth 'Journey for Growth'
The 'Why' of AgilityMasters.com is: 'Journey for Growth'. In order to ensure the all-important continuous growth of our coaches, we offer them the possibility to follow trainings with our business partner Gladwell Academy. Training and dialogue with colleagues is very important for the growth of our coaches. They also have the opportunity to provide training. In this way, our coaches can share their acquired skills and learn from other people's experiences.

The clients of AgilityMasters.com are very diverse and active in different industries, both in The Netherlands and internationally. The projects often take place in an ICT and business environment, but we see more and more projects arise in other departments, such as HR or marketing.

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