Meet Luca Savazzi

Luca Savazzi is Digital & Design Specialist at and has been involved in the creative and executive realization of the corporate branding, the visual expressions, and the coordination and realization of the company from its inception.

Luca is an entrepreneur also. His company specializes in ideation, digital media and graphic design. He works for various companies as art director, creative director or designer. He is also a certified Google specialist.

Luca has developed into a certified Scrum Master (PSM1) and Design Sprint Facilitator. By organizing Design Sprints and SpeedLabs, Luca supports the creative process within the team as well as with other clients.

Luca is driven, enterprising, creative and disciplined. He loves eating healthy and working out: his daily routine starts in the gym.



Luca Savazzi
Digital & Design Specialist

+31 (0)20 24 02 595