Meet Marsha Wiltenburg

Marsha Wiltenburg is a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM II), and Agile (team) coach at She has extensive experience in working Agile at various (semi) government and non-profit organizations. She also has experience in various collaborative (Agile) games, including the LEGO® Serious Play® Method. She is currently developing a 'business drawing' training course. Marsha has a bachelor's degree in Safety and Security Management  (Utrecht, the Netherlands). 

Besides her strong communicative and analyzing skills she also knows how to enthousiast people in the changing proces. With an open mind and sincere interest in people she guides teams, so results can be achieved.

Marsha is very sporty, pragmatic, open minded, sensitive, motivating and involved. Besides her work she loves spending time with her family and playing a game of basketball. 

What customers say about Marsha Wiltenburg

"As an Agile coach, Marsha guided our team in the Agile transition. She allowed the Scrum team to experience the way of training and coaching and the fine alternation between theory and practice. Marsha has a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. Is able to translate this well into the wishes and needs of the organization. I also acted as a coach and mentor for me as a Scrum Master. As a Scrum Master I have made great strides as a result of Marsha's intensive supervision and coaching. Marsha's commitment to an Agile transition is highly recommended. "
– Eva ter Laak
Operationeel Specialist A at politie team Westland
Marsha Wiltenburg

Scrum Master | Agile Coach | SPC

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