Meet Marleen Vollebergh

Marleen Vollebergh is a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), SAFe Agilist and Product Owner at After her Master NLP she is currently working on the NLP Coach training. Marleen's areas of expertise are Lean Portfolio Management, Kanban and SAFe. As an Agile coach, she has guided and coached Agile transition programs in recent years.

In her last role, Marleen was also an MT member for the Transformation department, and she coached and advised the senior management Transformation on the personnel consequences of extensive and complex organizational changes. In her formal role, Marleen was also jointly responsible for the approach and realization of business objectives (KPI’s).

Marleen is open, honest, result-oriented and creative. She is appreciated for her commitment, positive energy and humor. Her involvement makes her a good fit with the team she works with, giving her the confidence to initiate change and to get people moving. Marleen likes to be given the responsibility so that she can fulfill the assignment according to insight and freedom, of course always in consultation with the client. She approaches things slightly differently from her creativity, Marleen has a quick overview of what needs to be done. She quickly learns about environments and challenges and follows the dynamics of the organization and the team.

In addition to her work, Marleen does hockey and yoga. She likes to cook, likes to dine out and enjoys a good glass of wine.

What customers say about Marleen Vollebergh

  • 'Fortunately, Marleen doesn't color neatly within the lines, but with her critical attitude and creativity she breaks through existing patterns, puts people on edge and thus ensures actual change in the organization. All this under her motto: if no answer, straight ahead!'
    – Paul Schoemaker, Release Train Engineer at PostNL
  • 'Marleen is very result-oriented and a bit stubborn and she knows how to achieve her goals with her drive. She has a refreshing, different view on things that make people think.'
    – Willemijn den Teuling, Sr. Agile Coach at Post NL
Marleen Vollebergh

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